Awara Diaries

Awara Diaries! Rings a bell?

After all who hasn’t wanted to solo trip across Italy like Julia Roberts in Eat. Pray. Love? Who hasn’t wanted to road trip Spain after ZNMD? Also wanted to scuba dive, sky dive and go bull racing?

How about the hospitality of the Sheikh’s (for most of) Sex and The City2?

Ultimately, solo girl traveler in Paris and Amsterdam like Kangana in Queen? I prefer calling it as the ‘Solo Honeymoon’.

Christmas in Europe, an apartment like the FRIENDS in New York, a trip to Ireland to explore Westorose? The idea of traveling the world has always been beyond enticing to say the least.

Awara Diaries

As a matter of fact, I have travelled solo and that simply feels like getting your own wings. So I blog about my wanderlust and travel experiences on Awara Diaries as I explore people, places, culture.

And celebrate the spirit of movies with all the friends I make! <3

Don’t forget to be awara 😉

Awara Diaries

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