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Parampara Patil Hashmi is a 21 year old from Mumbai, also known as Cinemawaali.
Parampara Cinema Waali

Parampara is a film fanatic, with keen interest in watching films, reading and studying about them. Unlike many, Parampara’s expertise lies more in Indian cinema, expanding across various languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, and subtitled versions of South based cinema.  She has watched films dating back to the 1940s and so and so on, making it a point to watch every new release as well.

Parampara studies cinema, reviews films for various online portals and also aspires to be a filmmaker in near future.
Apart from her interest in cinema, Parampara happens to be a digital marketeer by profession and looks into various aspects of brand/product endorsement across various digital platforms.

With a fair amount of early work experience with a number of media houses, celebrities and new media platforms, Parampara is an independent worker and multitasks with the various facets of her personality.

She is an entrepreneur, blogger, social influencer, with extensive love for city, culture and mythology.  She also writes as freelancer for various brands, digital portals. Thus, adding to her role as a story teller.

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