Rock On 2: Movie Review

Rock On 2

Rock On 2 is unlike it's prequel, yet sensational with the music & performances!

8 Acting
7 Direction
6 Story
8 Music
7 Cinematography

8 years after the release of Rock On, Farhan Akhtar and team try to recreate the MAGIK with Rock On 2.

MAGIK band has split up after a terrible mishap. Joe has his own club and is a successful singing reality show judge on national television. KD sings for brands, as per client briefs. In the meanwhile, Adi has left the city and settled in a small village in Meghalaya.

5 years ago, aspiring singer Rahul Sharma committed suicide, Adi links Rahul’s failure to himself and flees away to get rid of the guilt. Adi now runs a school in the village, a farmer’s cooperative and tries to help the locals. After a disastrous fire ruins the village, KD and Joe convince Adi to come back to Mumbai.

At one of the test performances, Adi meets Jiah and is impressed by her voice and talent. Soon he discovers that Jiah is Rahul’s sister and confesses his guilt to her.

Jiah takes time but when she bumps into Adi again, in Shillong when he heads back to personally help the affected villagers, she forgives Adi.

MAGIK reunites with a new member, Jiah. Together, they host a concert in Shillong to attract attention towards the plight of the farmers, harassment by the local government employees. Will they be successful?

Rock on 2 takes the story forward with the developments in each characters life. How you’d only wish that the writing of the film was a lot more convincing, especially with the impeccable chemistry that the characters share!

There are few things in the film that particularly stand out and make up for the writing flaws-

  • Farhan Akhtar’s performance reflects that acting comes naturally to him and he’ll always remain Adi- through the music, the angst, the reconnecting and the love.
  • The new entrant in the franchise, Shraddha Kapoor shines in her role. She owns Jiah and surpasses all performances in the film.
  • Jiah and Adi’s chemistry, their bonding over pain, over music makes for the most beautiful element of the film. It only peaks in that finale performance when Jiah and Adi have their jig together.
  • Manjyot’s character: This reality show contestant’s character is subtle but is refreshing and a complete entertainer!
  • Usha Uthup’s performance in that climax scene! She’s not just one of the finest singers in our country, but one the most sporty entertainers. She’s a powerhouse and that changes the mood of the climax effortlessly!
  • Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’s music isn’t the most conventional this time round. But it’ll grow on you by the minute especially after the film.


Rock On 2 doesn’t get repetitive by only giving you the dose of music. This time it’s less of rock and more of soul stirring music, which gives you an insight into the emotions of the story telling. That climax scene where the concert finally takes of despite all the odds peaking up with the finale performance by MAGIK make you feel victorious- for the cause, for the emotion and most importantly for the power of music to spread love!

Leave your assumptions aside and go watch Rock On 2. This one’s a story you want to know!

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