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REEL Cinemas

There’s no place on this planet that doesn’t enjoy the magic of movies! The frenzy of the movies is not just an India-Pakistan story (No pun intended). Dubai too is one of those cities that totally adores and enjoys cinema, even with all those fancy amusement parks and attractions in this gorgeous city.

What’s the movie-goers scene like in Dubai?

There are over 5 big cinema chains in Dubai. The biggest of which is REEL Cinemas with 22 screens. Everyday, the last show begins half past midnight and often ends in the wee morning hours around 3am. People go and watch movies even at such time on a weekday.

A Bollywood release, especially on festivities like Eid, Diwali, Christmas attract a humungous number of audience at the cinemas. Oh, that’s only how much they love movies!

What kind of movies are showcased?

Tom Hanks to Shah Rukh Khan to Superstar Rajnikanth, even Guru Ram Rahim INSAAN’s films release in Dubai. Every film finds it’s audience and some only find extra money!

Everybody is an audience.

Why go to Dubai and watch a movie at REEL Cinemas?

Imagine sitting in a dark, sir-conditioned room with a story playing on screen but it’s impact playing on you in the form of experiencing a fall or a splash of water or simply feeling the hard punch!

To explain better, imagine feeling Batman’s fall and Superman’s punches in your chest, or simply feeling terrified due to the flashbacks of Dr. Robert Langdon! All of this happens at REEL Cinemas, in MX4D. MX4D is quite a movie watching experience with a stimulator experience to enhance the impact of a film. Now this experience surpasses all other experiences of your cinema viewing!

It’s a challenge!

What else does REEL Cinema offer that others don’t?

We’re aware of the royal and luxurious ways of the Sheikhs and the high standards of living in Dubai. The cinema halls are no exception. This extraordinarily large cinema chain along 22 screens in the Dubai Mall and with 3 other branches has some amazing offerings in luxury. Private screenings for the royals or those who can afford it with dedicated staff at their duty, reclining seats and blankets and a customized food menu is pretty much the royal treatment that you should be up for in these VIP Lounges at REEL Cinemas.

Apart from the luxury, there’s also technological finesse with laser technology in action, wide screen option, excellent 3D pictures and above them all the MX4D experience!

What about food and interval?

Now this one was a truly “International Movie Watching Experience” ? @reelcinemas #CinemawaaliInDubai #AwaraInUAE

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 Talk about treating yourself like a royal with a wide variety of snacks to pick from with generous quantities and some truly international staff members catering you with a smile!
Don’t forget to buy your food before the movie, most movies here are showcased without an interval.


  1. MX4D Experience
  2. Luxurious Seating
  3. Wide range of movies
  4. Wide Screen
  5. VIP Lounges
  6. Latest technology

Right from the entrance till the end of the movie, REEL Cinemas take care of your every need by providing excellent technology that brings a revolutionary difference in your cinema viewing experience, including your LARGE POP CORN TUB!

There’s luxury and there’s great movies with an even better support staff and lot of food. REEL Cinemas is your perfect pick for the best movie watching experience ever!

For details- Bookings REEL Cinema

REEL Cinemas is an Emaar Entertainment Project.

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