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Additions To Watchlist

It’s been 20 Days since we began the #100FilmyDays Challenge. It’s been wonderful time exploring films of versatility of cinema. Variant genres, works of reputed makers, cultures from across the globe. Additions To Watchlist Each story has a different reflection of life! Juggling across  the complexities of narratives, some stories are beyond their barriers. Below are […]

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How to pick a theme? #100FilmyDays

I absolutely love the response for my #100FilmDays Challenge, 2016. I have to say, you guys are awesome! While many of you have shown your interest in taking up this challenge, most of you are pretty confused about picking a theme. Here’s a little help for you guys! What is a theme? The theme in […]

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#100FilmyDays Challenge: 2016

Hi Guys! Never too late, now’s a good time to wish y’all a very happy 2016! What makes 2016 so special? The fact that I’m kickstarting the #100FilmyDays Challenge, yet again. The first time I attempted this was 2 years ago, in 2014. Oh yes! I did succeed in watching a 100 films in 100 days.  […]

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Demystifying the FAN Universe

Unlike our parents, we are people of the Digital Age. Our choices, our perspectives, our acceptance and rejections are majorly a result of our processing of the various platforms that we use to interact. Right from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and of course the tons of blogs and advertorials that influence us cannot be forgotten. […]

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