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If you know me or have been following me for a while, you must know that I absolutely love Netflix! It’s got the perfect solution to every mood. And the best thing? There’s absolutely no guilt of piracy or bad print quality!

So here’s a list of my Netflix queue…

The Blacklist

This is one show that I started watching a couple of years ago while travelling! The Blacklist is every bit of the show that serves my liking well! FBI’s Most Wanted criminal helps a secret task force with the Blacklist of criminals, eventually bringing down his own enemies!
Raymond Reddington does have an impeccable style and a twisted relationship with the FBI, best fuelled by an unending Blacklist!

13 Reasons Why (Netflix Original)

I guess I’m going to prep a 13 Reasons Why I loved and 13 Reasons why I hated this show list! It’s dark, real, disturbing and definitely not for the faint hearted. This show about teenage issues and suicide can definitely be credited for starting a larger conversation around mental health and teenage issues in school- sexual assault, substance abuse, bullying, etc. Does it glorify suicide? Not in my opinion, but again, it’s for each one to decide for themselves! Either way, it’s an extremely well made show, which rambles a hell lot in season 2!

Riverdale (Netflix Original)

If you too have grown up reading Archie comics, it’s hard to resist Riverdale on Netflix! Riverdale, the series is a lot like adulating as compared to the comics. While growing up, you imagine a hunky-dory picture… but growing up (talking about the series here), is a dark revelation, one episode at a time! It’s going to change your life!

Also, Hiram Lodge… what a man!

2 seasons down, Riverdale is another favourite with some good, bad, ugly and fabulous episodes!

Dynasty (Netflix Original)

I’ve literally binge watched my way through the recently concluded season 1 of Dynasty! This show about a wealthy family in Atlanta, their relationships and standing by the bloodline is so fucked up that it is entertaining and binge worthy! There’s a lot of drama, twists, cheap thrills and cringe worthy moments. Yet, this show has lots of OTT moments that bring you back to the next episode! Now to wait for season 2.

Santa Clarita’s Diet (Netflix Original)

2 seasons down and the Santa Clarita’s Diet is one of my favourite Netflix binge diet! I rarely go back to rewatch the episodes, but it’s got the novelty factor and is undoubtedly a lot of fun! An undead wife feeding on human flesh and her family coping up with it, trying to help her sure makes for a fun watch! Trust me it’s not gross, except for a few scenes! 2 seasons down, Shiela, Joel and all of Santa Clarity haven’t lost one bit of their mojo!

Da Vinci’s Demons

Another show I picked up while travelling! As coincidence would have it, I started watching Da Vinci’s Demons in Naples, after having visited Florence. The idea was to see how the city has been recreated in the show! But this show based on the life of Leonardo Da Vinci had me completely hooked (and most of it is based on facts).  The lead, Riddley Scott is superlative & convincing, so is the rest of the cast!
The show lost it’s charm in Season 2 & 3, but still one of the well made shows!


Unfortunately, FRIENDS is not on Netflix India. But I still chose to include it on my list cause throughout my travels across Europe this year, I would binge watch on FRIENDS all over again during my journeys.

Now this is one show that needs absolutely no introduction! The fact that it remains one of the go-to shows for most people through any mood even years later justifies why it, what it is! So while we decide between loving Joey or Chandler or Phoebe… FRIENDS is one of my favourites on Netflix!

Gossip Girl

So here’s a confession! I had never watched Gossip Girl before Netflix! And I’ve enjoyed indulging in this high school gossip blogger series so much that it’s my go-to show on a shitty day to feel better about myself!
The impact of Queen B and her ways is undeniable!


The Crown

Black Mirror

House of Cards


What are you watching? Share your favorites/ reviews/ recommendations in the comments below.

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