MS Dhoni- The Untold Story: Movie Review

MS Dhoni- The Untold Story

Sushant Singh Rajput does a terrific job in a film that fails to live up to it's expectations!

9 Acting
6 Story
7 Direction
8 Cinematography
7 Music

Captain Cool of the Indian Cricket Team, MS Dhoni needs no introduction to define him. With the series of ups and downs that his captaincy brought on the Indian Cricket Team along with his own personal history is an inevitable reason enough to have a biopic on his life as a cricketer. We all saw it coming, but not this soon.

Acclaimed Director Neeraj Pandey took on himself the onus of recreating the magic of his journey on screen with Sushant Singh Rajput playing the Captain Cool himself.

MS Dhoni- The Untold Story

The film begins with the glories moments of the Cricket World Cup Final 2011, and then snaps you back to the very beginning to introduce you to man responsible for this moment- Mahendra Singh Dhoni. MS who was rather fond of Football was lured into taking up Cricket especially for his wicket-keeping skills. MS became an instant sensation in the local circuits, which led him to a few state/district games. But the call of the National Duties as a cricketer was long waited. His father Pan Singh was for obvious reasons in the favor of a stable job, but Mahi was undoubtedly blessed with people who wanted him getting closer to the wearing the blue jersey! His sister, mother, friends, coaches, work colleagues were all for him.

There was waiting and more waiting, which came with frustration and desperation. But fate had it’s own ways and Mahi was all set to be a part of the famed Indian Cricket Team. He played, stuck around, survived the senior players and managed to scale newer heights for this team even amidst the personal losses and gains.

This journey, of many people coming together to bring forth that one man who’d bring laurels to this country- this is the story of MS. Dhoni.

Sushant Singh Rajput is simply brilliant as MSD. The perfection of expressions, body language and the depth of that performance that gets enhanced by his accent already mark half the victory. And yet, the film fails to satiate the need of every Dhoni fan. The film underplays the drama and makes the script look blunt. Those hoping to get a glimpse of hot topics like Dhoni-Ganguly, Dhoni-Sehwag clash, dressing room wars, link ups, IPL and match-fixing scams, you’ll end up with nothing.

Anupam Kher is good at his regular role of a father. Leading ladies Disha Patani and Kiara Advani have only enough time to make a one off romantic appearance. Infant the romance bit does get boring and the music doesn’t help much.

The film takes an easy road and focuses too much on the romantic life of Mahi along with his initial struggles of being a small town boy, waiting for his destiny to shine.

As a biopic, it definitely talks of the journey of becoming MS Dhoni. But the omission of some of the most important factors takes away the possibility of greatness. It skips the negatives, the greys of Dhoni’s characters and even of those around him. The film is long, plays the ‘politically-correct’ card and is nothing like Neeraj Pandey’s previous works. For me, it doesn’t do justice to MS Dhoni’s role and character in Indian Cricket.

And yet, it will bring back all those wonderful memories of cricket and the World Cup Victory in 2011. Also, SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT HITS THE BALL STRAIGHT OUT OF THE PARK!






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