It’s Your Chance To Shine At Max Emerging Star, 2017

Most of us are inflicted by the ultimate Bollywood dream- to be an entertainer! Pick one and you’ll find another in the same circle. But getting a job as an entertainer, getting noticed as an entertainer and to get paid for it sure requires another level of determination, dedication and perseverance. But someone has been thoughtful and has created a platform to avail such talents an opportunity.

Introducing Max Emerging Star

Usually, fashion brands like to stay inside their own domain. Max is different. Max, being one of the most famous fashion brands, is bold when it comes to newer avenues. Max has launched a new property called “Max Emerging Star”. This idea is a brainchild of actor & supermodel Marc Robinson.

Max Emerging Star

Max Emerging Star is focused on four tier-2 cities of India as the fashion giant looks to provide a platform to hidden talents of these cities. The auditions will be held in Vadodara, Lucknow, Bhubaneshwar & Visakhapatnam. The final round will be held in Mumbai. The contest shall be judged by a panel consisting Anupam Kher, Terence Lewis & Marc Robinson. With such heavyweights in the panel, Max hopes to provide genuine advice even to those participants who don’t get selected.

Max Emerging Star is a perfect platform for anyone interested in making a career in the entertainment industry. All the finalists shall be personally groomed by Anupam Kher, Terence Lewis & Marc Robinson in various aspects like acting, dancing & fashion.

City winners shall be awarded a cash prize of `40,000. City winners shall also be featured on hoardings of their city & get a chance to get groomed by Marc Robinson.

National winners shall also get a 3 month acting course at Actor Prepares – The School for actors & 1 month of Intensive dance course at Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute.

The Schedule:

City Date Day Time Venue
Vadodara 7th March, 2017 Tuesday 11 am to 1 pm InOrbit Mall
Visakhapatnam 11th March, 2017 Saturday 11 am to 1 pm Chitralaya Mall
Bhubaneshwar 16th March, 2017 Thursday 11 am to 1 pm Rajmahal Chowk Store
Lucknow 29th March, 2017 Wednesday 11 am to 1 pm Fun Republic Mall



  • Age: Between 18 – 24 years
  • Minimum Height: Male – 178 cm | Female – 165 cm
  • Marital Status – Single
  • Nationality – Indian

For more information on Max Emerging Star, visit

If you’re really rooted at making your career as an entertainer, and you fit their criteria, give this opportunity a shot! This might just be the platform that you have been looking for 🙂

Good luck!


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