How to pick a theme? #100FilmyDays


I absolutely love the response for my #100FilmDays Challenge, 2016. I have to say, you guys are awesome!

While many of you have shown your interest in taking up this challenge, most of you are pretty confused about picking a theme.

Here’s a little help for you guys!

What is a theme?

The theme in the context of #100FilmDays refers to a common thread that aligns the choice of your films with a central idea. It could be a genre, or a list that you’re following. That’s up to you to pick.

Theme Suggestions

Cinema Around The World

Travel the world with world cinema and array into a range of ideas, techniques and culture explored through cinema. Like most people say, this is the ‘Film Festival Cinema’ category. One of the finest categories of movies around the world!


Language No Barrier

Art has no language neither does Cinema. In this category, open your selves to multi lingual films rely on subtitles and explore the best of regional cinema and gems from around the world like Iranian films, Korean dramas and the finesse of French frames!


IMDb Top 250 Movies/ Top 100 Performances by Actors/ Filmfare Top 100 Films

This is the most easily accessible list and popularly the list of best films over the years. Don’t cheat if you pick on this! Re-watching the Dark Knight or the Inception will not help you complete the challenge. Pick the 100 films you haven’t watched from this list! You can also watch out for other lists for a variety of cinema. Easy?


Oscar Nominated Films

For all these years, even though Leonardo Di Caprio hasn’t managed to get past the nominations at the Academy Awards (Oscars), we love his performances. We are likely to cherish the movies that didn’t get past the nominations. Mind you, there’ll be a vast range with a lot of biopics in there 😉


Films based on Books/ True Life Stories

While a book lover will always love the book better, the joy of watching Harry Potter chant magic spells on screen is priceless. We also loved PS. I Love You! And the Beautiful Mind. Go check out the films based on books or on true stories. You’ll love the cinematic perspective in many!


Cinema from an era (1950’s- 1970’s)

This one’s tough! We often crib over the pace and a length of the films from the past; the challenge is to watch them sincerely. Pick an era that intrigues you and watch 100 films from your time span. The older, the better J


Animated Films

This one’s a treat! All you Disney lovers, animated films are beyond the few Disney films that we usually watch. Explore and enjoy 100 animated films. You could help us add more movies to our list!


Other than these, you can pick genres like romance, drama, sci-fi, travel, comedy, etc.

You can also watch 100 films that you have missed out on in the last 3years.

PS. You can watch documentaries, short films, too.

Or simply watch the daily recommendations on Cinemawaali.In


Hoping this clarifies the concept of picking a theme for your #100FilmyDays Challenge! Make sure you follow all rules.

To participate, make sure you have registered for the challenge here.

Feel free to comment/tweet to me in case of any queries!

Like I said, I’ll be recommending films on a daily basis. Watch out this space for more.


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