Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them: Movie Review

Fantastic Beasts

Not as fantastic, but Potter fans- WATCH IT!

8 Acting
7 Story
7 Direction
7 Cinematography
Harry  Potter exposed us to the world of magic and all the fantastic beasts! At least Harry Potter is one of those things that makes me say that my childhood was awesome. It brought us the world of magic, of stories, of friends and of innumerable life lessons. Thank you J.K. Rowling, you’re a genius!
And you’re also aware that we were heart broken when you decided to end the series with Harry all grown up and married to Ginny! Where could we now find magic?

A few years later, BAM…
Rowling writes a movie- Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them! We’re all eyes, years and heart for the film!
Newt Scamander,  a British Wizard comes to America to let loose some of his magical creatures- fantastic beasts, as he calls them. A series of unplanned events gets a muggle, or a no-maj as they call them in America involved in this story. Teena Goldstein, a former Auror at the Ministry witnesses the chaos caused by Newt and hopes to catch him and control the situation. All this in the hope of earning her job back.
This is the time when the American world has been hit by the presence of a dark creature wanting to destroy it all. After the death of a no-maj senator and Teena’s revelations, the both she and Newt get a death sentence by the Ministry! Are Newt’s Fantastic Beasts the cause of all the damage? Who is Grindelwald?
What promises to bring back the taste of Potter magic, is a slightly crammed up tale with little specification of the how’s and whys in this film. In portions, the film fails to hold up together as one story, and the build up for the villain isn’t dramatic enough to suffice the ‘One-who-must-not-be-named effect!’
Beware: The film has many bizarre moments which cannot be mistaken for magic!
With a few loose ends and lot of explanation lacking, Fantastic Beasts slips from being magical to seeking it’s own real plot. Yet, Rowling has managed to stick to many elements of the Potter stories.
David Yates delivers what he has for years, a fine magical tale on screen!
Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander is probably acting out his least challenging role in years. Yet, he manages to keep you hooked with his charm. Collin Farell makes for a fine villain, but the trump of his story comes with a shockingly pleasant surprise! The magical beasts are fantastic, entertaining and unique! Now the American laws may definitely not be very enticing for Wizards, but there’s definitely an exciting sequel in store! A sequel that I’d eagerly watch out for even after the subtle impact of this one!
You could only hope that the film were more magical!
Definitely not the best film around the magical world, but still a must watch for Rowling fans!
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