Dear Gauri, Cheers To Letters!

Dear Gauri

Dear Gauri,

There are movies and then there are these stories you tell. I am writing to you, to thank you for telling them the way you do!

Cheers to letters!

When I watched the teasers of Dear Zindagi, I thought I would like it. I thought I would love the freshness of the film, it’s ability to connect with issues that we deal with, issues that we refuse to accept exist, and of course Alia and Shah Rukh Khan’s delightful performances.


When I walked into the cinema hall today I was excited and nervous, as I usually am for films that I look forward to. I didn’t give in as soon as the film began, I found it slightly hollow, unrelatable maybe. But I wasn’t judging yet. I didn’t see Kaira’s pain or real problems yet, but the story had to flow in.

Kaira opting for therapy with Dr. Jehangir Khan was all that this world need. And I say so because what transpired out of those therapy sessions, coming to terms with the real problems, taking analogies from the stories, and being able to accept and express your fears is something most of us easily fail at and happily live in denial.

Our denial is not a sign of everything being okay. Nor was Kaira’s. I want to thank you for giving a sneak peek into the life of young women, the issues we face and the emotions we fail to accept.

I thank you Gauri, for giving us this therapy, which not just makes us believe that broken things are beautiful but also that broken things can be fixed. Talking of which, I had always felt that for our generation pain, abnormalities and problems had been glorified. So much that we began to enjoy them and started living with them.

But you brought to light the idea of fixing broken things! And that too with possibly the best man in the business to bring to life this character.

I have for the longest time taken to watching Dr. Shah Rukh Khan’s interviews and movies as a healing therapy for when life seemed off balance. And with Dr. Jehangir Khan’s lessons I could only feel happier.

On the other hand Alia, or rather the much-into-character Kaira, you were so beautiful with all those emotions, of vulnerability and strength, of acceptance and love!

Thank you Gauri for taking up so many issues, which are a part of our life and not making Kaira’s story all about every single issue. Thank you for talking about ‘how you feel’; nobody talks about it anymore, forget making movies around it. Thank you for bringing to light the importance to of ‘loving yourself’ and ‘Loving Zindagi!’

I’ve always said movies have had the magic to change lives. Your movies, your stories are clear display of that magic!

To you! To movies! To stories!

Thank You Gauri!


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