Cinemawaali 2.0

Cinemawaali 2.0

Welcome back to! More like Cinemawaali 2.0 <3

I’m back to writing, after a really long break. And I believe, I am here to stay.

So in the last few months, when I was away… I was asked numerous questions regarding my love for films, blogging about films, movie reviews, and had I given up on being Cinemawaali! The answer to that is, of course NOT. I am still very much me, and my love for cinema is the eternal kinds, I believe.

But let me answer all your questions, once and for all!

Q: Why did I stop blogging about films?

Answer: To be very honest, for a very long time I have watched a whole range of films, especially Indian films and shared an opinion, primarily from the viewer’s perspective. I would blog about it to document it and with more and more of my readers coming up to me with similar opinions, I was encouraged to have a larger discussion.

When I stopped blogging, it was primarily due to the negativity and extremism that got in way. It was disheartening to see many people, who do not completely understand the process of filmmaking trash filmmakers for the slightest of difference from their opinions. Everybody was a critic, whether or not they understood what they spoke.

Yes, we all have the freedom to our opinions.

But let’s show some respect towards people who genuinely put in their sweat and blood to entertain you! It’s not 5 big names making a film, it’s 300 odd people toiling each day!

I felt like I had no value to add, and people were too full of their opinions.

Q: Do I not watch movies any longer?

Answer: You got to be kidding me! Sure, I still watch movies. But I also more regularly watch web series, originals, short films. Basically I eat up content in every form like it were chocolate!

Someone did ask me if there was a subscription that I didn’t own! Well, I am a Netflix and Amazon Prime regular.

I love exploring content on these platforms, because I can find what I missed and so much more!

And of course I watch films- latest releases, films I missed, old films, trashy films, classics, everything.

For those of you who know me, are also aware that I am also a digital consultant for marketing Indian films on social media. So I not just watch movies, I read movie scripts, I work for them and I also watch some really good and bad films way before they make their way to the cinemas.

It’s a tough tough job! 😉

Q: Did I give up on entertainment blogging for my travel ventures?

Answer: Well, I watch movies while I travel and also tell people all about Indian cinema and the dialogues while travelling. Both can co-exist yeah! Also, movies make me feel closer to home. And like I’ve often always mentioned, movies are the answer to every mood of mine.

I love travelling. But I am definitely not giving up on movies, ever!

PS. I craved and craved for K3G in Venice, but Amazon Prime wasn’t kind enough to show the film there.

Q: What’s exciting about Cinemawaali 2.0?

Answer: As cool as 2.0 sounds, there’s time for that film to release. But what’s going to be different about me blogging about entertainment again is that hereon, it will not just be feature films, it will be content as a whole… every piece of content that Cinemawaali consumes will be written about!

Which means, I will now blog about films- Hindi, English, Regional, Short, OTT Originals, Web series, TV Shows, Short films, marketing campaigns, exciting updates from the entertainment business, the best from the latest and the vintage!


So stay tuned and keep sharing your love for content and cinema with me!

If you have any questions/ suggestions, feel free to comment below or drop a mail at

This time, I will accept some guest posts, suggestions and requests to review short films and feature them here.

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