It has been a while since I identified the ‘@cinemawaali‘ within me; a joyous ride indeed! But through this ‘not-very-long-journey’, I also came across many people who more or less share a similar passion for cinema.

Some who watch movies for entertainment, some to relate and cry their heart out, some watch movies for their favorite heroes, some treat it as a stress buster. Then there are those, who actually watch it for it’s seemingly terrific concept (thanks to the trailers) and some who watch films and take inspiration. Some hate to admit that they love watching movies, but secretly watch them nonetheless. Mind you, you don’t have to be from luxurious background or a film family to catch up with the movies with utmost passion and regularity. I have heard many a tales of those who grabbed every opportunity and figured a new ‘juggad’ each time, just to watch movies.

There will always be a set of people who love the dramatic set ups and tonnes of action, with logic often going for a toss; while there are others who like it real, believable and insane. There will always be those people who will prefer watching movies for entertainment, but there will also be those who will dissect and read the underlying emotions and undertones of the film.

For these people who love the movies, as much as they love many other important things in life, there couldn’t be a more befitting title than ‘Cinemawaale’

So, here I am, Parampara (@Cinemawaali), all excited to meet the many Cinemawaale across the street, city, state, country, and the 7 continents  and know their stories! This project is a first hand account of people who share the love for cinema, in one way or the other.

Some stories to be asked, told, heard and shared because you’ll never know what has the power to inspire!

Cinemawaale are all those people who have given cinema a special place in their hearts. While some dream to make it big, some are still working hard; some still dreaming and well, the rest are just happy spectators with love and opinions!

This one’s not about me, it’s about them! I believe it is these people who make cinema an even more special journey! Their stories, their feelings, their opinions bring cinema the power that creates the magic.

Here’s an attempt to bind them together with the common chord- Cinema!

So join me, Cinemawaali,  in this journey of meeting Cinemawaale <3

Long Live Cinema!

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