Indian Cinema or Cringe-Fest?


This is my first post in 2017, so first of all here’s wishing you guys a great year ahead!

As a part of my New Year resolutions, I announced a few days ago that I would be letting go film reviews that I’d earlier share immediately after watching each film for years. While I enjoyed sharing my opinion, mostly the positive aspects of the film, I realized thanks to social media every one was a critic. Everyone had an opinion on the film. Which certainly wasn’t a problem, but their criticism of the film was.

For years now, I’ve seen and been a part of various processes of a film. In all honesty, the major chunk- the making of the film is the toughest part. Tedious, demanding complete patience and never as rosy as it looks on-screen!

Thanks to the internet, especially social media, we hide behind those egg faces and trash over a year’s efforts within minutes. Let’s not even discuss how far your comments travel.

Know that feeling when you’ve slogged your ass for a presentation and with utmost lack of concern, your boss announces it to be SHIT!


You’ve probably never ever written an essay perfectly, but you’ll recklessly trash the writing of a film. Probably, you’re just good at that!

How about trying to respect people who put in their skills, their sweat and their blood into making this lovely product that could probably make a difference in your life, probably just by getting you to hum a tune or make you smile!

I keep wondering is this what we’ve become? UNHAPPY with everything? Or have our standards raised that high?

But I figured, it’s neither.

What we have become is ASHAMED & INSENSITIVE.

For a while now, I’ve been coming across views, opinions and people in general who take pride in disassociating themselves from everything that is homegrown.

Oh yeah! We’re still running after Oscars and applauding the La La Lands of Hollywood.

Let’s admit that we don’t think we’ve achieved anything remarkable with Indian films in over 100 years! *slow claps*

Guess what? I am not even going to bother asking you how many films you have seen that were made in these 100 years.

You’re more likely to have watched a Pulp Fiction than a Paather Panchali or even a Pakeezah! I am not making any comparisons here, but I can’t ignore and not emphasize on the existing ‘IGNORANCE’ here.

We hate Bollywood taking its name from Hollywood. We love considering that every film we make has to be a copy or rip-off, because even after an Indian called Aryabhatt invented 0, Indians have never had original ideas. Which also means Indians are not creative people. Ammi rite?

But since we can emulate so well, let’s TRY GETTING BETTER BY TRYING TO MAKE HOLLYWOOD-ISH FILMS?

Welcome to the 21st century! Here, we don’t want Amitabh Bachchan fighting the goons even if that showcases the good over evil fight. We don’t need Govinda’s entertainment, ‘cuz those who think it’s entertainment, ‘Your idea of entertainment is trashy!’ We also don’t need a Shah Rukh Khan romancing every belle, ‘cuz it’s not romance, it’s being creepy or foolish.

We need a cinema like Masaan to make our stomachs churn or a PINK to talk about consent, which we were never taught about, or a Talvar to show how untrustworthy our society is. Yes, this is the cinema we need and applaud. Beyond this, everything is trash because it is beyond our level of pseudo intelligence, evoking emotions like joy, laughter are not essential when we’re paying 500 bucks to watch a movie.

And who are we to decide?

About less than 20% of the population that enjoys privileges and access to wealth, opportunities, education and exposure to a whole range of activities and privileges, thus feel ashamed about what we get here.

What we get, and what we diss is actually being made out of consideration towards that 60% minority population that lacks privileges, perspectives, opportunities, education and exposure unlike us.


*My rant doesn’t end here. I will continue writing and fighting for the way we treat our cinema. I would love to include any counter-views/opinions or even those with a similar perspective. Let’s talk cinema, constructively.


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