Additions To Watchlist

Additions To Watchlist

It’s been 20 Days since we began the #100FilmyDays Challenge. It’s been wonderful time exploring films of versatility of cinema. Variant genres, works of reputed makers, cultures from across the globe.

Additions To Watchlist

Each story has a different reflection of life! Juggling across  the complexities of narratives, some stories are beyond their barriers.

Below are some additions to watchlist that you must totally consider. Most of us are blown away by the idea of watching our favorite stars in an action packed entertainer. Preferably in Hindi or English.

In the process, what we lose out on is some good quality content. We crib and despise formula films way too often. It’s time we look out for meaningful cinema that appeals. It’s there! You need to reach out to it.

Thanks to the internet, Netflix, YouTube and the good old Torrents, it’s a good life. More entertainment is available. More is being produced, consumed and distributed. So let’s make the most of t and make some amazing additions to watchlists.

If you’re with me for the #100FilmyDays challenge, make these additions to your list right away!

If not, you can still find time to watch these lovely films.

More additions to watchlist will be coming up soon! Till then do share your recommendations as well!

Happy Watching 🙂

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