#100FilmyDays Challenge: 2016


Hi Guys!

Never too late, now’s a good time to wish y’all a very happy 2016! What makes 2016 so special? The fact that I’m kickstarting the #100FilmyDays Challenge, yet again. The first time I attempted this was 2 years ago, in 2014. Oh yes! I did succeed in watching a 100 films in 100 days. 

What I Learnt?

  • We never usually end up watching a film each day, but weekends are a great time to cover up for the lost time. Yes, I’ve spent weekends watching about 4-5 films and it was a lot of fun.
  • This gives you the opportunity to catch up on all the films you missed for whatever reason.
  • I promise you’ll be the same person after 100 films. Just a little more well versed with the lengths and art of cinema.
  • #100FilmyDays was the best thing I did in 2014.
  • I did manage to get Farhat and Parichay’s support & competition while I was at it. Another 10 people (mostly unknown) loved and picked the concept and took up the challenge
  • Together, we watched a lot of films! #CinemaWins <3

#100FilmyDays 2016

I had to do another edition of the #100FilmyDays, hopefully with more participants! So here, I decided to add some rules and some twist to the challenge.

The challenge begins on 25th January, 2016 and ends on the 100th day- 3rd May, 2016.

  • Theme: There has to be something aligned as you watch a 100 films; like a theme to it. What is the theme? I let you decide the film. You need to pick 100 films and decide a connecting factor. It could be a variety of cinema- regional cinema, world cinema, popular cinema (Hollywood & Bollywood) or it could simply be the top 100 films on the IMDB Top 250 List. It could be a combination of modern romance and period romance or a genre of your choice like horror, sci-fi, etc. Or it could simple be the classics that you haven’t watched yet (Yes, I’ll be doing a Star Wars marathon) (Check ‘How to pick a theme?‘)
  • On days when you fall out of choices or recommendations, you can check my blog for recommendations. I’ll be sharing personal recommendations along with the films recommended by viewers.
  • First Watch: At least 80% films should be films that you haven’t watched before. To be honest, avoid repeat telecasts of your favorite films and watch something you haven’t watching before.
  • Social Sharing: Make sure you share the name of the film and your thoughts on it, on the platform of your choice with #100FilmyDays. (Don’t forget to mention me: @cinemawaali)
  • Your Thoughts/Review: A short and crisp review/experience of every film is a must for this challenge.

PS: Social sharing is encouraging while you’re reaching the milestone. You get a lot of people to discuss the film or newer suggestions to add to your watch list. It keeps you going!

The aim of this challenge is only to encourage and inculcate the habit of watching movies. I hope you will enjoy it 🙂

Are there any prizes for completing this mission? YES. It could be anything, but for now i is a surprise!


You can tweet to me (@cinemawaali) or ask your queries in the comments below. 

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